My Sons – Sketch

Being Mother, that’s a wonderfull gift from God to me.
Now i have two angels in my home, Two sons, two precious, two superhero… xixixixi.

So.. I want to capture their togetherness through my sketches.
I hope their brotherhood always lovely forever.

Nath and Piet my Love

Nath and Piet my Love

Sons, I always love you forever.

And this is the real pic which i take.

Togetherness, Brotherhood

Nath and Piet, my precious

This is when i was frame it for hanging in my home



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Seorang BuPeb yang suka ngoceh, suka nulis, suka gambar, suka iseng, suka yang enak, suka yang ganteng, suka yang asik2
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16 Responses to My Sons – Sketch

  1. vera says:

    wuah sip tenannnnn

  2. bawangijo says:

    Keren sketsanya..

  3. dea says:

    bagus banget 😀

  4. Arman says:

    bagus banget sketch nya!!!

  5. wah, bu pek jago sketsa toh.

  6. ayanapunya says:

    asiknya peter ngikutin nathan coret-coret kertas ^_^

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