Sketch of Sheila

She is sweet mom with 2 cute kids, comicus. I love her comic, her comic are so cute en fun to read.

I knew her from social media, multiply (the RIP multiply). From the first sight, i love her cartoon, her comic, her work. So… i sketch her, but i can’t give you the real pic, because I’m not yet permit to her.. hahahaha… but she’s my lovely friend.

So.. here is my sketch of sheila/lala.

sheila rooswitha


And, this is Her Fans Page in Facebook. CLICK HERE for SHEILA’s PLAYGROUND.
I hope she can go international, my best wishes for my sweet friend. ^_^

I’m sorry La, my sketches less similar.


About BuPeb

Seorang BuPeb yang suka ngoceh, suka nulis, suka gambar, suka iseng, suka yang enak, suka yang ganteng, suka yang asik2
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6 Responses to Sketch of Sheila

  1. bawangijo says:

    bagus sketsanya bupeb

  2. tinsyam says:

    iya tuh suka deh lihat komiknya lala..

  3. heavendrive says:

    bibirnya cekciiihhh eeuyyy mba Lala…

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