Ink October #inktober

Long time I didn’t write here. Bcoz one of my friend wanna me to post this drawing… so i post it

There is #inktober for everyone who like ink drawing.
Long time I didn’t draw too.. so little bit awkward when i start it again.

Here they are… just draw this morning:




Edwin the terminator


The new bupeb.. long hair

The new me with long hair… more girly *some friends told me like that.but i don’t know.. hahahaha…

See u


About BuPeb

Seorang BuPeb yang suka ngoceh, suka nulis, suka gambar, suka iseng, suka yang enak, suka yang ganteng, suka yang asik2
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7 Responses to Ink October #inktober

  1. Pypy says:

    Kece bener gambarnya buPeb 😀

  2. Arman says:

    hihihi lucu tuh gambar yang anak lagi ngupil 🙂

  3. danirachmat says:

    Baguuuusss. pakabar BuPeb? 😀

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